Review of the Best Short Term Loans UK

Payday loans have been extremely commonplace and significant for the new generation of millennials. All of them are active consumers with their own needs and not always do our financial opportunities correspond to our wishes. Therefore, most of us prefer solving this issue with a help of payday loans the advantages of which are obvious: fastness, convenience and a possibility to get a loan for everyone regardless of their credit rating. provides loans direct reviews while comparing various UK payday loan companies presented on the market. Just a few clicks and you will be one step closer to your perfect loan company. Here is the list of best short-term loans online based the company’s overall rating. You can review the key features of each website below.


1. Sterling Store
This online service helps to match people who need quick cash with these lenders who can lend money on different terms and conditions. It has a good reputation, but still offers money service at reasonable prices. So, anyone can apply for a payday loan!
Key Features
  • Top number of approved loan applications
  • Fast approval
  • Reasonable APR
  • User-friendly interface of the website
Overall Rating
2. Britain Loan

Making all operations and transactions online you are free of paperwork. Just within a few minutes, your application will be approved and you will get the best money offer particularly for your situation. Make up your choice and enjoy the results!
Key Features
  • Convenient website and easy application process
  • Short approval time frame
  • Direct same (working) day deposit
Overall Rating
3. GetPayday
Quick assistance at any time of day or night. This service provides the best payday loans for bad credit. Even with a low credit, you will find help here, but mind that the price will be higher.
Key Features
  • Convenient and fast loan matching service
  • Easy application form
  • Nice interface
Overall Rating
4. EloanAdvance
It’s a good ratio of price and quality. The reputable service will help you find the best payday lender just in a few minutes. Be sure all the personal information provided is secure!
Key Features
  • Comfortable repayment terms
  • Reasonable cost per borrowed amount
Overall Rating
5. SpeedyPaydayLoan
You can get a payday loan just making some clicks. Forget about long queues and limited working hours. The service is available 24/7 with a friendly support team!
Key Features
  • User friendly interface of the website
Overall Rating

Best Short Term Loans with Bad Credit

Selecting the best service takes time. There are so many new and old payday lenders offering their loan services so that it gets overwhelming for us to find the most reliable option out of all. VitaLoans company specializes in listing best short term loans in the UK. We want people to apply to most reputable and reliable lenders with quality customer support, attractive interest rates, and valid guarantees. We provide reviews on old and new companies and pay a huge attention to the last ones. We just try to understand what new features or benefits they can offer to their customers in order to compete with their older contestants. For instance, some of them provide lower interest rates that may attract more clients and make the service demanded in spite of their short existence.

We want to make sure our list is 100% honest; therefore, we put strict criteria on all reviewing lending companies. First, we check if the company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with an FCA license. Secondly, we review the company for the honesty of their claims and their promises. It’s hard to admit but most lenders treat their customers not fair caring about own profits rather than interests of consumers. Fortunately, VitaLoans reviewing experts help its users avoid such services and find the best value short term loans. This is the reason we compare payday loans in the UK to make sure you can choose among the best! Keep your funds secure by making the right choice!

Trusted Short-Term Loans on Best Terms

So far, short term loans are the most commonplace type of loan taken by people to meet their short-term financial needs. Even though lenders do not set specific requirements regarding this type of loan, lending a short-term loan from banks is stressful. But you don’t have to because online lenders have thought of more convenient ways to get the loan faster without tons of paperwork to boot. But if you apply for one, it doesn’t mean you’ll benefit much. First of all, you ought to make sure the lenders are certified instead of being scams. The shouldn’t ask you to reveal much of your personal information, nor should they have vague descriptions of their terms & conditions. The instructions to getting the loan should be easy to understand and finally, the service must be positively ranked on the reviewing website.

Urgent situations require an urgent response. Remember that and opt for high-quality services from the best online lending companies!