Find Best UK Payday Loan Direct Lenders and Providers

Online payday loans stay in high demand, despite the increasing number of the payday loan companies UK. It is a popular option because it's fast, convenient and available for consumers with all credit scores. Often getting a payday loan online or finding the best emergency loan provider becomes an answer to unexpected and urgent financial problems requiring an instant solution. Thus, it’s easy to explain the reason why there are so many UK payday loan sites. But you want to deal with best direct payday lenders in UK, don’t you? Making a research of payday loan in the UK on your own will take time. Also you may not know all the features best payday loan companies should have. And that’s where Vita Loans takes all the cares for itself. We make the UK payday loan reviews. With our help you can find the best pay day loan company by making just a few clicks.


1. Find Lender
direct payday lenders in UK
Find Lender is a loan matching website based in the UK that connects you with the direct lenders only. If you go to the website, you can qualify for a short-term payday loan from £100 to £2500 easily. Just enter your email address to get started quickly.
Key Features
  • Huge network of direct lenders online
  • Easy application process
  • Competitive APR
  • High number of satisfied consumers
Overall Rating
24/7 payday loans
direct loans uk reviews
2. Sterling Store

This online service helps people who need quick cash get matched with the lenders who can lend money on different terms and conditions. It has a good reputation and a wide variety of services. Anyone can apply for a payday loan!
Key Features
  • Top number of approved loan applications
  • Fast approval
  • Reasonable APR
  • User-friendly interface of the website
Overall Rating
3. Wonga
payday lenders review
This is an international financial services business and best known for the Wonga short term loan product. Here you can apply for no credit check loans as well as some extra cash for up to 35 days and get all the costs upfront.
Key Features
  • All the costs upfront
  • Automatic repayment from your debt card
  • Good support
Overall Rating
24/7 internet loans
4. EasyPound
The reputable service will help you find the best payday or short term loan lender just in a few minutes. All credit histories will be considered. The minimum loan length is 1 month.
Key Features
  • Fast decision
  • Comfortable repayment terms
  • Reasonable cost per borrowed amount
Overall Rating
5. QuidExpert
You can get a payday loan just making some clicks and via the user-friendly online form. Forget about long queues and limited working hours. The service is available 24/7 with a friendly support team!
Key Features
  • User friendly interface of the website
  • A vast network of top lenders
  • Loans up to £5,000
Overall Rating

Use Payday Loan Comparison Site

Taking out even a small loan is still a serious process. The payday loan lenders UK carefully check the applications and the outcome depends on a consumer. The 24/7 loan has to be for the right purpose, at the right place, used wisely and paid off on time. But it’s important to choose a good payday loan company. The best online payday loan companies provide quality consumer support. They also deal with the direct lenders that charge reasonable interest rates. Unfortunately, for some companies providing online loans is no more than just a business. Their goal is to get as many consumers as possible with no paying attention to consumers’ ability to repay the payday loan in the UK.

You can avoid such unreliable companies by making a pay day loan comparison at We have the best online personal loans review. We introduce our customers to top 5 loan companies online. Making the right choice is now so easy with the reviews of the payday loan direct lenders in the UK – just check the payday loan companies list we’ve prepared for you!

Choose Best Pay Day Loan UK

When you face a financial emergency and decide to apply for an emergency money loan online, you need to do your best to avoid mistakes. You have to make the right choice by analyzing the list of payday loan companies. Vita Loans company provides the review of the best payday loan companies. Before you make a decision, pay attention to:

  • Professional good-looking website and easy application form
  • Detailed description of the service and instructions on using it
  • Fast and simple loans application process
  • Good reputation of the payday loan lender UK
  • Reasonable fees of the UK payday loan lenders

So visit Vita Loans website where you will find only trustworthy and reputable lending companies with the best UK payday loans reviews. Thus, there’s no risk for you to get in trouble and choose the wrong pay day loan lenders Everything is so simple. Just check to the tablet we provided on our home page and see top 5 payday loan companies! Every day we analyze lending market in the United Kingdom to make things easier for you. We make the process of finding the payday loan direct lender in the UK fast, simple and hassle-free.