Reliable Payday Loan Services in the UK

Payday loans originally come from the United States but now they have gained popularity in the United Kingdom. Within the last decade, the Payday loan industry has been expanded in 8 times! Not for vain: after the world’s financial crisis lenders are not extremely strict to the borrowers setting high standards and criteria for people who wish to qualify for the loan.<.p>

Even though today you have an option of online payday loan companies, there’s a big possibility you will run across scams or companies low-quality services and high APRs. To avoid such consequences, here at we have selected top 5 best companies providing urgent loans UK on reasonable terms. You can review each of the service’s key characteristics below at the table.


1. Sterling Store
This online service helps to match people who need quick cash with these lenders who can lend money on different terms and conditions. It has a good reputation, but still offers money service at reasonable prices. So, anyone can apply for a payday loan!
Key Features
  • Top number of approved loan applications
  • Fast approval
  • Reasonable APR
  • User-friendly interface of the website
Overall Rating
2. Britain Loan

Making all operations and transactions online you are free of paperwork. Just within a few minutes, your application will be approved and you will get the best money offer particularly for your situation. Make up your choice and enjoy the results!
Key Features
  • Convenient website and easy application process
  • Short approval time frame
  • Direct same (working) day deposit
Overall Rating
3. GetPayday
Quick assistance at any time of day or night. This service provides the best payday loans for bad credit. Even with a low credit, you will find help here, but mind that the price will be higher.
Key Features
  • Convenient and fast loan matching service
  • Easy application form
  • Nice interface
Overall Rating
4. EloanAdvance
It’s a good ratio of price and quality. The reputable service will help you find the best payday lender just in a few minutes. Be sure all the personal information provided is secure!
Key Features
  • Comfortable repayment terms
  • Reasonable cost per borrowed amount
Overall Rating
5. SpeedyPaydayLoan
You can get a payday loan just making some clicks. Forget about long queues and limited working hours. The service is available 24/7 with a friendly support team!
Key Features
  • User friendly interface of the website
Overall Rating

Trust Only Best UK Loan Providers

No surprise, payday loans are designed for people with an extreme need to cover their financial emergencies when they basically have no other options to select from. Each of us can become of those persons when payday loans would become their only savior, therefore it’s important to know in advance how payday loans from the UK work and which lending companies you would trust for sure. Our reviewing center knows like no other that selecting the best service takes much time. So, if you’re already looking for best lenders providing UK payday loans in the Google search, leave that behind and turn to more reliable sources of information. We can tell you for sure which company earns its trustworthiness and which one does not.

With VitaLoans, you would make sure the lenders presented in the list are no scams but indeed certified lending companies that keep your interests in the first place. Our top 5 favorites on the list keep your personal information secure and follow the regulations of Terms & Conditions, which means you wouldn’t face any pop-up “surprises” you weren’t told before submitting the application.

How to Find Best Pay Day Loans in the UK?

VitaLoans Company is a reviewing center and of course, we mention the best loan providers in our list. Before listing those companies, we have conducted a great research on each company to find out the level of their customer service, the approximate interest rates charged by the lender and validity of their guarantees. We are working with all possible companies presented in the UK market, both new and old. With our help it is possible to get short term loans in the UK on the best terms. We’re doing solely objective reviews, which means we do not cooperate with any of the lending companies for commercial and promotion purposes, nor do we co-work with any third parties.

All of the shown online payday companies passed through strict requirements set by our reviewing experts:

  • Each of the company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has a valid FCA license.
  • Good-looking website with easily readable text.
  • Clear instructions and simple application process with no pitfalls (additional charges or new terms occurred after you signed the agreements).
  • Urgent response from customer support. Friendly and supportive service that cares about its clients.
  • Positive ranking from reviewing websites left by former customers.

Take a chance and trust our reviews to stay away from scammers and ensure you’ll have a positive experience working with recommended payday loan companies!